The Soho Society - Adopted by the Exec 26 November 2018

Rules for use of the Office

  1. Only use the garden door in an emergency - otherwise there is risk that people wander in from the garden ”looking for the Church”.  They are sometimes up to no good.  If they are looking for the Church, direct them to the Dean Street entrance.

  2. Do not leave the office unattended and unlocked at any time.  

  3. Keep the office tidy, hoover when appropriate, empty the dustbin and the recycling.  Bins are in the walkway.  Wash up. We do NOT employ a cleaner. 

  4. If needed, buy milk.  You are welcome to use coffee machine and the kettle.  Replacement coffee beans can be purchased from the Algerian Coffee Store.

  5. Open and file the incoming mail in the appropriate boxes in the white cupboard.  If it looks important email the relevant exec member:-

    1. Clarion - Jane Doyle

    2. Banking - Lyn Blackman

    3. Checks to pay in - Margaret Bloomer

    4. Planning - Matthew B

    5. Licensing - David G

    6. Chair - Tim L

  6. Expect to see the clock winders and Lucy Haine and Joao and members of the Exec - no one else should be given entry unless a visitor on the Google Calendar.

  7. Answer the phone.  Make a note and e-mail the relevant exec member.

  8. The Wifi password is [ xxx ]

  9. The office is to be used for Soho Society business only unless approved in advance by the Exec and with a member of the Exec present (who may request a fee).

  10. If you want to use the office for other purposes a fee/contribution must be paid and this must be agreed in advance.  

  11. The wine and alcohol stored in the office is Soho Society property and an inventory is kept by Richard Piercy.  It can only be opened if sanctioned by two members of the exec and a note must be made and sent to Richard and Lyn.  You have to pay for it.

  12. Comply with any directions given to you by Simon Buckley or his subordinates.

  13. Do not use the iMac or the 30” display screen unless you have been instructed how to do so by Tim.

  14. You can use the PCs if you wish - good luck though.

  15. Office phone number is 0300 302 1301.  Office Postal address is St Anne’s Tower, 55 Dean Street, London W1D 6AF . We can be contacted by e-mail:-  We are a registered charity with number 1146589.  We are a company limited by guarantee with number 07899282.  Data Protection Registration ZA287501.  Website

  16. Stationery is below the computer cupboard.

  17. We have a projector, screen, laminator, printer, telephone and computer - only to be used for Soho Society business.

  18. Switch off lights and heater when you leave.