Pictures by Joan Martyr

The Soho Society is for all the people that have Soho in their lives.

These people are residents, workers and visitors.  The Soho Society listens to and represents them all.

Soho’s built environment is made up of houses, flats, offices, schools, shops, churches, restaurants, GPs surgeries, bars and clubs.  Without the Soho Society it would all have been bulldozed in 1974.  The Society has cared for Soho for the last 40 years and continues to do so.

People come to Soho in their thousands everyday to learn, sleep, work, shop, eat, drink and meet. The magic is in making these activities not just co-exist but also support one another.

The Soho Society is the community organisation where we can share information, talk to one another, and together care for the place that plays such an important role in our lives, to celebrate it’s history and make sure it works well for all of us.  

Join the Soho Society.