Soho Square General Practice

The Society’s growing concerns over the changes that are currently being implemented at the Soho Square General Practice have reached a point where action is now needed. Both GP’s are leaving as have a number of other members of staff and a system of “telephone triage” will be introduced from 1 April this year. Despite repeated requests for information on the changes over the last year, the provider, Living Care, failed to give timely written information on the proposals and has now lost the confidence of the patients.

One third of the 5,000 patients are from the Chinese community and many of these have limited English. The loss from the practice of Chinese speaking staff has caused anxiety and frustration with the result that many patients are leaving. The practice had a history of providing excellent care to the specific needs of the community in Soho in mental health and for LGBTQ patients. That expertise has been lost. While modernisation, and indeed cost cutting, may be inevitable, these changes have been handled poorly and patients are suffering as a result.

Tim Lord, Chair of the Society, said:-

“Twenty years ago the Soho Society played a key role in establishing the Soho Centre for Health and Care and the Society is of the view that the provision of medical care in Soho is an important part of maintaining the community. The Society will continue to fight for the provision of effective GP care in Soho.”

The Society will be organising a public meeting at which the Central London Clinical Commissioning Group will be invited to speak and to take questions.

Patients that have been impacted are encouraged to contact us to let us know their experience and concerns. Patients should also use the formal complaints procedures in place at the practice. If you would like to be kept up to date on next steps please register below. 

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