Waiters' Race Entry 2019

Soho Waiters Race 2017 2.jpeg
Soho Waiters Race 2017 2.jpeg

Waiters' Race Entry 2019


2019 - Entry to the waiters’ race.

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Competition Rules:
1. Usual dress or uniform to be worn
2. Each competitor will be given a tray, a napkin, a half bottle of Champagne and a Champagne glass
3. The tray must be held in one hand only. Two hands may only be used to steady items on the tray for no more than three paces
4. The winner shall be the first past the winning line with ALL items on the tray intact‐ unless infringements are reported by the stewards
5. The decision of the judges is final and will be given after sufficient time has been allowed to consider reports from the stewards. In the case of a dead heat, a points system will be used to decide the dispute, based on items left on the tray.