A Manifesto for Soho

We plan to consult our members and agree a "Manifesto" - we will then put this to candidates in the local elections and ask for their response.  It's a way of getting Soho's issues on the table early.

We are getting an idea from our survey what should be on the list.  Feel free to contact us with your ideas what you agree with and what you don't.

This is our starter for ten.

  1. There are currently six applications for new hotels in Soho.  Is WCC minded to make a change in its policy to protect historical businesses (such as the Film Industry)  in Soho and deal with over development from hotels? 

  2. Does WCC have a plan to deal with the servicing requirements of the bar, restaurant and hotel industry in Soho which will address the impact on businesses and residential amenity of the developments that have taken place in the last 10 years?

  3. Will WCC develop a special policy area to protect the historical uses in Soho - namely - fabric, tailoring, film, music and speciality food retailing?

  4. Will WCC instigate a scheme to monitor noise using electronic noise measurement in licensed premises and in the street environment and publish the the results of that monitoring on quarterly basis?

  5. Will WCC install air quality monitoring stations at child and adult height in Soho and publish the the results of that monitoring on quarterly basis?

  6. Will WCC work with the community and the police to ensure that a CCTV system is reinstated in Soho and that the community is kept informed of progress?

  7. What is the motivation behind the plan to remove vehicle traffic from Oxford Street?

  8. Will WCC employ a noise officer that is dedicated to the West End, who has an office in Soho and who is available when the noise problems are greatest i.e after 11pm at night?

  9. What plans does WCC have to ensure that the building that hosts our GPs and the walk in centre remains in public use?

  10. What plans does WCC have to recognise, celebrate and protect Soho’s character, it’s history of accepting different cultures and peoples, and its historical role in providing a place of safety and acceptance for LGBT people?