If you have a retail, or indeed any other, business in Soho and would like to be included in our Loyalty Scheme please complete the form below. We are in the process of issuing new cards to all our Soho Society members (we will send a sample in due course) and aim to get this done by 1 December 2017.  We will also provide you with a window decal if you are accepted on to the Scheme. There is no fee, but we would be keen for you to join as a business member if you want to participate but its not required.  We can't guarantee to include every business, but the sooner you apply, the better.  It's up to you what you offer.  Could be a percentage discount, a lunch offer at quieter time of the week, or a particular product or service that might appeal to people that live and work in Soho in particular.  Once we have the information we will publish the offers on our website.

I must emphasise that there are no related fees and the Scheme is not a legally binding arrangement: you have no legal contract with, or legal obligation towards, the Soho Society or its members or the other retail participants. If you decide to participate, it is up to you to decide what benefit(s) you wish to offer from time to time, and you may change the benefit(s) or even withdraw from the Scheme at any time. All that we ask is that, if you decide to withdraw, you inform us and remove your window sticker. We will then remove you from the list.

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