Western Ticket Hall, Dean Street, Decoration

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The new tube and Cross Rail station at the top of Dean Street (the "Western Ticket Hall") will open in autumn 2019. Pending decisions by TFL on how they want to complete the top floors of the building there will be a lot of empty ground floor space that will have to remain empty for between 2 and possibly 5 years.  The Cross Rail architects (Hawkins Brown) have approached the Soho Society to consult on the decorative hoardings at ground floor level that they will install pending the ultimate completion of the development.  They need to get a Decoration Consent from WCC for the hoardings and in turn WCC have suggested that the Soho Society should be consulted (which is nice).  

The hoardings are pretty huge - over 600m2 - so it is important to get this right.  For many visitors it will be the first thing they see when the arrive in Soho.

The Soho Society has agreed to help and to ask the community what it would like to see.

You can download the plans here.  

Please e-mail us with sugestions and ideas.  Or add to blog. Or fill in the form below.

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This is a sneak preview of one of the panels for the South Building - Soho Residents and Soho Lovers taken by Richard Piercy.



The is is the list of ideas so far:-

  • Overlapping through time - 24 hours in Soho

  • The music and art scene

  • The community of Soho, the primary school, the hospital, 4,000 people that live here

  • History of Soho

  • LGBTQ memory wall

  • Green wall - but only if we raise alot of money

  • Map of Soho Insiders Guide with directions to the Indie Shops - Vinyl, Food, Cloth

  • Work Shops and businesses from the past - the artisans

  • Black and white portraits of Soho residents by local photographer Richard Piercy

  • Calendar Girls picture of the Soho Exec (average age > 60) this is the default option which might encourage you to come up with something else!

This is a mock up of what the South building might look like..

Render Option.JPG
Decoration of Western Ticket Hall
Which scheme do you like the idea of?