Looking for the inside information on Soho?  This is the insiders' guide to where to drink, shop and eat in Soho.  We recommend our favourite independent local shops.  We rank our shops based on the number of years they have operated in Soho, quality, the fact they aren't part of a chain and whether they support the Soho community. 


Maison Bertaux - French patisserie, 28 Greek Street

Lina Stores - Italian ingredients, 18 Brewer Street

I Camisa & Son - Italian ingredients, 61 Old Compton Street

Algerian Coffee Stores - 52 Old Compton Street

Soho Dairy - 8 Berwick Street

Gerry's Wines and Spirits - 74 Old Compton Street

Borovicks - fabrics, 16 Berwick Street

GOSH - comic book shop, 1 Berwick Street

Sounds of the Universe - record shop, 8 Broadwick Street