How to comment on an application

How to comment on an application

Westminster City Council

Submitting a comment to Westminster City Council

The quickest way to comment on planning applications is to submit your comments online.

Find the application you'd like to comment on using the functionality below
read all of the related notes, plans and documents
send us your comments by clicking 'comment on this application'
Any comments you send to us, either online, in writing or by e-mail will be listed on our website alongside the Planning Application and supporting documents. Your contact details will not be published.

You will receive an immediate email acknowledgement.

What you can comment on

Planning applications are decided only on the basis of planning issues such as:

the effect on a neighbour's daylight, sunlight or privacy
the impact on traffic, road access, parking and servicing
the appearance, bulk or height of the proposed development
Impact such as noise generated by the proposal
the potential loss of a valued local service or use such as a shop or a residential flat
The council cannot consider non-planning issues such as:

the effect on property values
competition between rival businesses
party wall disputes and fire escape matters
moral and religious issues
We cannot refuse permission for a scheme because of construction noise but we can restrict the hours of work to reduce disturbance to residents and other sensitive neighbouring occupiers.

What happens to your comments?

The planning officer will consider all comments received for an application and may contact applicants suggesting amendments.

If applicants make significant changes, we may give people who have commented a further 14-21 days to make additional observations.

Where an application is to be reported to councillors for a decision, comments received will be available for public inspection 5 days prior to the planning committee meeting and will be summarised in the committee report. People who have commented will be advised of the date, time and location of the committee meeting.

Everybody who has written to us about an application will be informed of the decision.

Submitting comments offline

You can also write to us ensuring you include the application reference number as well as your name and address. Anonymous comments will not be considered.

The address is: Development Planning, Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QP.