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About the Soho Society

Soho is a remarkable square mile with a remarkable history. From around the end of the seventeenth century it was already an established residential district and has housed such luminaries as Karl Marx, Casanova, Canaletto, William Blake, Isaac Newton, Dr Johnson and the great composers Haydn and Mozart.
What you see today, however, very nearly disappeared! In the early 1970s the entire area was under threat; developers had submitted plans for the comprehensive demolition and redevelopment of Soho.
The Soho Society was formed in 1972 "to make Soho a better place in which to live, work or visit." Within a few months it had gained formal consultative status with Westminster City Council on all plannng, licensing, traffic and environmental matters. Very soon the Society persuaded Westminster City Council to make Soho a Conservation Area - thus preventing the demolition and the consequent loss of the existing residential and business communities.
Then as now the principal aims of the Soho Society are to protect the interests of residents and businesses and to enhance the environment which we all share.

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